Nothing more important on the planet. We would not exist if not for plankton and its spectacular process of producing over 1/2 of our oxygen



Pteropods are the snack food of the ocean, providing essential food source for whales and other large marine life.



Phytoplankton are the true keystone to life in the ocean world. They are the major oxygen engine for our planet.


World class bars

Dalston nightlife is top-notch. You can watch the latest game while you enjoy UK staples like Nameless Beer, Demo Ale, and Filler Stout. Or try some small-batch beers crafted by local breweries. If cocktails are your preferred poison, trendy mixology establishments, complete with plush couches and date night lighting, are peppered throughout East London.


Music Venues

Whether you’re looking for an intimate jazz club, large music hall experience, disco with a killer DJ, or eclectic music festival, Dalston has it. Some of the most fun and innovative bands, artists, and musicians flock to our district for its creative energy and diverse music scene. Take the opportunity to experience it all up close and personal. We promise you won’t regret it.